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Electric three-piece ball valve
Model: Q911F
Nominal diameter: DN10 ~ 100mm
Nominal pressure: PN16 ~ 64MPa
Temperature: -20 ~ + 80 ℃
Connection: welding, threaded
Main material: carbon (C), stainless steel (P4, P6)
Design And manufacturing: GB12237-89, API608, API 6D, JPI 7S-48, BS5351, DIN3357
Structure length: GB12221-89, ANSI B16.10, JIS B2002, NF E29-305, DIN3202
Test main test: JB / T 9092, API 598
Product details

Product description
Three-piece butt welding electric ball valve widely used in years a gas valve has its own advantages, the switch without friction, the seal will not be subject to wear and tear, opening and closing torque is small, the optional actuator to compact mainly to achieve the media It is now the first choice for gas equipment, petrochemical, aerospace, vacuum equipment, electroplating equipment, agricultural machinery, food machinery, steel metallurgy, HVAC, drying equipment, biopharmaceuticals, medical equipment and other industries.
  •  European Department hardcover, skilled, reliable sealing, widely used, alternative to imports

  •  Good liquidity, high quality, sophisticated appearance, opening and closing torque, long life

  •  Ball valve platform structure, ISO5211 connection standard, installation more professional and convenient

  •  Two-way sealing, arbitrary flow medium, automatic compensation, self-cleaning function, suitable for small particles of small particles and fiber suspension and viscous medium

Technical Parameters
Nominal diameter DN10-100mm
Connection method Butt welding
Actuator matching A series, B series and import actuator series
control method Switch type (power on, power off), regulation type
Nominal pressure PN16,25,40,64bar (For higher pressure when ordering)
voltage AC220V, AC380V, DC24V (Other special)
Medium temperature W1: -40-180 ° C, W2: -40-300 ° C
W3: -30 - 425 ° C, W4: -40 - 425 ° C
Ambient temperature Standard type: -20 - 80 ℃
Degree of protection IP55, IP65, IP67
Body material Carbon steel (C), stainless steel (P4, P6)
Sealing material Teflon (F), para-polyphenylene (PPL)
Metal seal (H), smashed alloy (Y)

 Note: Other special sealing materials or special temperature can also be designed according to customer requirements

To the size - PN16 (16bar)
DN Size [mm] Actuator matching
L L1 L2 H D
15 75 165 150 223 21 A-005 B-010
20 85 165 150 230 27 A-005 B-010
25 90 165 150 190 34 A-010 B-010
32 112 165 150 195 43 A-010 B-010
40 120 190 170 210 49 A-020 B-015
50 145 190 170 220 61 A-020 B-015
65 170 190 170 235 76 A-040 B-020
80 200 270 220 280 89 A-060 B-030
Special option
Explosion-proof Explosion-proof grade: Exd II BT4 proof number: GYB13.1736X
Adjustable Input 4 - 20mA, O-5V. DC, 0-10V. DC and other signals to achieve valve regulation
Manual function Electric actuator with manual device, open the valve, close the valve function
Note: 1, electric actuator parameters and matching, please refer to the actuator data.
2, if there are special conditions or increase the actuator specifications, specific parameters and dimensions please contact us.

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