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Titanium butterfly valve
Nominal: PN1.0-4.0Mpa Class150-300Lb
Nominal diameter: DN50-DN1200 2 "-48"
Drive: pneumatic, worm, hydraulic, electrical
Medium: oxidizing corrosive media.
Design Standard: GB / T12238, JB / T8527, MSS SP-68, API609
Construction Length: GB / T12221, API6D, ASME B16.10
Connecting Flange: HG, NF, JIS
Test standards: JB / T9092, GB / T13927, API598
Product details

Titanium butterfly valve theme material used is a titanium with a high degree of chemical activity of the metal. However, it exhibits exceptionally good corrosion resistance to many corrosive media. The reason is titanium and oxygen have good affinity, easily react with oxygen to generate a solid layer of dense and dense on the surface of the oxide film. Titanium butterfly valve in the atmosphere, fresh water, sea water, high temperature steam, almost no corrosion. 

Titanium butterfly valve for flow control. 
Due to the pressure loss of the titanium butterfly valve in the pipeline is relatively large, about three times the gate valve, so the choice of titanium butterfly valve, piping system should be fully taken into account the impact of pressure loss, but also consider the butterfly plate when closed to withstand media pressure The sturdiness. In addition, the occasion of the choice of flexible seat must also consider the high-performance PTFE (graphite) composite ring seals at high temperature materials under the operating temperature limit. 

Titanium valve material selection, we must fully consider the working conditions corrosive medium temperature, medium composition, the concentration of ingredients, water content and other four aspects.

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