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Thermal disc steam traps
Model: CS49Y
Nominal diameter: DN15 ~ 65mm
Nominal: PN0.01 ~ 1.6MPa
Operating temperature: 350
Main material: Forged steel, stainless steel, titanium steel, chromium molybdenum steel, low temperature steel
Operation: manual
Design specifications : GB / T 9093
Construction length: GB / T 12250
Threaded connection: ISO 228
Flange connection: JB / T 79, GB 9113, ANSI B16.34
Testing and Testing: GB / T 13927
Product details

Thermodynamic disc steam trap works:

       Disc steam trap is the use of steam and condensate flow through the valve hole when the flow rate and volume changes in different thermodynamic properties, the valve disc drive valve seat hole, so as to achieve the steam drainage.


Thermal disk steam trap structural features:

1, the valve structure, light weight, small size, the use of pressure range, without any adjustment.

2, with air discharge device, quickly ruled out the initial air, to ensure rapid start.

3, can withstand hot air, frost resistance, installation is not limited.

Main dimensions:

model Nominal diameter L H H1 ø
CS49H 15 150 110 50 53
25 160
32 230 148 70 68
50 158 77 77
65 250 173 80