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Digital lock balance valve
Model: SP45F
Nominal diameter: DN15 ~ 350mm
Nominal: PN1.6 ~ 2.4MPa
Temperature: ≤120 ℃
Main material: gray iron, ductile iron, steel
Flange Standard: GB / T17241.6GB / T9113
Test Standard : GB / T13927API598
Product details

First, the number lock balance valve product overview

SP45F, SP15F Digital Locking Balance Valve is a kind of regulating valve with special function of digital lock. It adopts DC type valve body structure with better equal percentage flow characteristics, which can rationally distribute the flow rate and effectively solve the problems of heating (air conditioning) Room temperature uneven hot and cold problems exist in the system. At the same time can accurately adjust the pressure drop and flow, to improve the system of liquid flow in the pipe network system to achieve network liquid balance and save the source of purpose. The valve is provided with an opening degree indication, an opening degree locking device and a small pressure measuring valve used for flow measurement. As long as the proper balance valve is installed at each branch and user entrance and locked with a special intelligent instrument after one-time debugging, The total system of water control in a reasonable range, thus overcoming the "big flow, small temperature difference" unreasonable phenomenon. This product is ideal for heating systems. Can be installed on the water supply pipe, can also be installed on the return pipe, generally we recommend to install the return pipe, especially for high temperature loop, to facilitate debugging, but also installed in the return pipe, the installation of a balance valve for ( Back) Water pipes do not need to set stop valve.


Second, the number of key balance valve lock components and materials

Part Name Body, bonnet Valve stem Disc Gasket
material Gray cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel stainless steel Ductile iron Rubber asbestos board


Third, the number lock valve main technical parameters

Nominal pressure (MPa) Shell test pressure (MPa) proper temperature Suitable media Characteristic curve Installation and use of the range
1.6 2.4 ≤120 ℃ Water, oil and other non-corrosive liquids Equal percentage Pipe network system backbone, branch dry, indoor water mains, branch risers and multiple boilers


Fourth, the number of key balance valve lock the main connection size

Model Nominal diameter (mm) Size (mm)
SP15F-25 15 100 128
20 115 128
25 125 130
32 140 150
40 160 187
SP45F-16/25 32 180 230
40 200 242
50 230 250
65 290 260
80 310 329
100 350 340
125 400 424
150 480 454
200 550 517
250 622 573
300 698 617
350 787 705