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Electric two-way valve
Model: VB-7000
Nominal diameter: DN65 200mm ~
Medium temperature: 2 ℃ ~ 95 ℃
Medium: steam, cold water, hot
Application: for air conditioning, ventilation heat, heat treatment plant engineering industry and industrial fluids control
Design criteria: GB / T17213
Inspection standards: GB / T4213
Flange standard: JIS B220, JB / T79, ANSI B16.5-1981, GB / T9113, HG20594-97, HG20618-97 etc.
Product details

First, the electric two-way valve working principle The
 drive is driven by a reversible synchronous motor, and with a magnetic clutch. The motor produces a magnetic effect through the motor rotor and the clutch, producing a steady torque when stopped. Therefore, when the motor is no current can stably stop at any point, when the valve is fully open or fully closed when the magnetic clutch, stop adjusting. The signals from the drive's incremental or proportional controls enable the motor to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.

Second, the electric valve features
 24V AC voltage reversible reversible motor. 1000 Newton force. Limit magnetic clutch. Movement using gear transmission, the output gear screw group rotates around the central axis of the plane rolling bearings, the valve shaft is the use of the central screw pipe and the positioning of the wafer. Valve actuator position indicator. Fire-proof ABS plastic cover. Can be attached to the manual lever. Site installation easy. Suitable for direct stroke valve below 23mm.

1, the actuator used cast aluminum bracket and plastic shell, small size, light weight.  
 2, the choice of permanent magnet synchronous motor, and with a hysteresis clutch mechanism, with reliable self-protection.  
 3, suitable for a variety of control signals: incremental (floating point), voltage (0 ~ 10V), current (4 ~ 20mA).  
 4, with 0 ~ 10V or 4 ~ 20mA feedback signal (optional).  
 5, transmission gear with metal gears, greatly improving the service life of the drive.  
 6, low power consumption, output power, noise.  
 7, the valve body cast copper, cast iron, ductile iron a variety of materials to choose from, in order to suit different working media and temperature requirements. 
 8, the valve body has two threaded connections and flanges, easy to install.  
 9, the body structure of the form: two-way valve (single seat), two-way balance valve (balanced).

Third, the main electric two-way valve connection size

model specification L H H1 D C K nd Pressure difference KPa Weight (KG) stroke
VB-7000 DN65 290 158 150 185 20 145 4-18 400 23 45
DN80 310 195 185 200 20 160 8-18 400 31 45
DN100 350 216 205 220 20 180 8-18 300 39 45
DN125 400 237 230 250 22 210 8-18 200 66 45
DN150 480 282 280 285 22 240 8-22 100 87 45
DN200 533 289 340 340 30 295 12-22 100 90 45