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Pressure gauge three-way valve
Valve Model: J19W / H-2
Working Pressure: 32MPA
Operating Temperature: -20 ~ + 200
Specification Size: DN5 M20 1.5-M20 1.5 DN5M20 1.5-G1 / 2
Connection Type: Female Connection, Female Thread - external thread
Structural features: a tapered surface or a spherical sealing
Body material: carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.
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J19W pressure gauge three-way valve Overview
J19W pressure gauge three-way valve, also known as pressure gauge three-way globe valve, pressure gauge three-way instrument valve, easy installation and disassembly, connection and fastening, is the instrument measuring pipe system for opening or cutting pipe effect. J19W pressure gauge three-way valve is a valve can be accurately adjusted, good sealing performance, generally suitable for smaller flow, high temperature and pressure of gas or liquid medium, but also suitable for use with the pressure gauge.

J19W pressure gauge three-way valve technical specifications

Valve Model : J19W / H

Working pressure :  32MPa

Operating temperature : -20 ~ +200 C

Size : DN5 M20 1.5-M20 1.5 DN5M20 1.5-G1 / 2

Connection : female connection, female - male

Structural features : Conical or spherical seal

Body material : carbon steel, stainless steel and so on

Applicable medium : water, oil, gas and other corrosive and non-corrosive media

Manufacturing standards: GB / T12224-2005, JB / T7747-1995

Valve testing and testing standards : GB / T13927-1992