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Oxygen flame arrester (welding type)
Product model: fp-xt fpv-xt
Nominal diameter: DN15 ~ DN500mm
Nominal pressure: ≤PN5.0MPa
Applicable medium: pure oxygen, ozone, etc
Applicable temperature: -80~+480℃
Operating temperature: normal temperature
Form of connection: welding
Main material: brass, copper
Product details

Oxygen flame arrester is divided into: pipe valve before the valve, valve after the two flame arrester;The products are made of special copper alloy and stainless steel.It can effectively eliminate the static electricity generated in the oxygen pipeline and the "adiabatic compression" easily formed when the valve of the oxygen pipeline is suddenly opened, and the local temperature rises suddenly, becoming the ignition energy.It can also prevent high speed moving material particles (such as rust, dust, welding slag, etc.) and valve back pipe friction, impact sparks and become the ignition energy.The use of flame arrester can quickly block the fire source, prevent the occurrence of the explosion accident in the pipeline.Widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries of oxygen transport pipeline.