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Master valve core technology, innovation and development
Release time:2021-4-16

In recent years, throughout the valve industry, many valve research and development areas still have many deficiencies and shortcomings, and master the core technology of the valve to promote the high-quality development of China's economy, improve the comprehensive strength of the country has a very important significance. How to improve the core technology innovation ability of China's industrial products and firmly grasp the initiative of science and technology development in their own hands is a subject and challenge faced by every plus enterprise and every technology research and development personnel.

To be sure, some companies have achieved success on the road to innovation and research. It has its own set of complete system on technology. The first is to increase the allocation of high-tech personnel, more resources to the level of technology research and development; Second, learn foreign technology, adhere to the introduction, go out strategy.

Therefore, in the process of research and development of the production of valves, actively study to overcome the valve difficult technology, in the fields of metallurgy valves, electric valves, high temperature valves, low temperature valves, oxygen valves, intelligent control valves, etc. Especially in the company's product series, intelligent electric control valve has different characteristics from similar products. First of all, in the internal components, can achieve double sealing, double protection. And the whole material is waterproof and dustproof. Non-intrusive lifetime seal for internal components. The field debugging of IQ does not need to remove the end cover of the electrical box. All Settings and adjustments are performed using the provided infrared setter. After assembly in the factory's controlled environment, gas exchange has been eliminated - all internal components are protected for life. Second, the actuators can accurately measure the forces operating a valve to protect the valve and actuator. Third, reliable process control depends on accurate positioning of the end of the valve stroke, while hydraulic control depends on accurate positioning of the middle of the valve stroke. The product features a non-contact valve position measurement system, which is also the simplest design in the actuator control. A resolver with only one moving part converts the rotation of the output center sleeve into an electrical signal, which is then compared to the limit position stored in secure, long-term storage, allowing valve position measurements.

The intelligent control valve developed has fewer integral components, reduces the maintenance times, and can extend the service life of the valve better. Science and technology is productivity. Science and technology bring the world closer. Only every Chinese manufacturing enterprises can master the core technology of products, continuous innovation, continuous progress, China's industrial manufacturing level will be improved, so that China's manufacturing to the world.