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What factors affect the use of all welded ball valve?
Release time:2021-10-22

As we all know, ball valves are widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy and other fields. The inner wall of the popular all welded ball valve is extremely smooth. In the process of ball valve conveying medium, the friction between the inner wall of the ball valve and the medium is very small, and the medium can pass unimpeded. However, the operation of all welded ball valve will be affected by some factors.

1、 Influence of sealing materials

In actual working conditions, all welded ball valves generally use various gases as media: such as natural gas, gas, gas, chemical industry, heating, heating, etc. the temperature of these media is generally between - 20 ℃ - 150 ℃, and the nominal pressure is PN16-25 pressure. The soft seal can meet the requirements, but the quality of the soft seal material is not hard, which is easy to cause media leakage. And due to the serious operation wear of the medium, the service life of the all welded ball valve will be greatly reduced over time.

2、 Influence of processing technology

The overall quality of various fully welded ball valve cores will be determined by the processing technology. The thickness of the wear-resistant layer of the molded rubber hose is uneven, which is easy to break the thin part first. Therefore, the wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance of the ball valve will become very poor, which can only meet the general working conditions. The valve core of the all welded ball valve with high-quality process can well ensure the wear-resistant layer and uniform cloth layer thickness.

3、 Effect of material corrosion

Affected by the corrosion of the valve body, the opening and closing mechanism is damaged and the valve body is poorly workmanship, resulting in the frequent closing of the driving device, pneumatic or electric actuator of the fully welded ball valve, which is too tight or cannot be completely closed. The rust of the material of the fully welded ball valve will greatly reduce the service life of the workpiece.

To sum up, the main factors affecting the use of all welded ball valves are sealing materials, processing technology and material corrosion. Therefore, in the process of selecting and using high-quality all welded ball valves, users need to carefully study the manufacturing process and materials of all welded ball valves and make reference selection according to the actual application.