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Structure and principle of high performance butterfly valve
Release time:2020-3-13

High-performance rubber-lined butterfly valve

High performance rubber liner butterfly valve is an exquisite structure of rubber liner butterfly valve, especially suitable for all kinds of tap water, industrial water, sewage, air, hvac, city gas, liquefied petroleum gas flow and pressure regulation or switch control.When closed, the valve has zero leakage.

1. Its seat structure adopts the internationally patented COS curve sealing structure, which reduces the friction between the valve plate and the seat, reduces the torque of the actuator and extends the life of the seat ring.The sealing process is equivalent to double eccentric valves.

2. The sealing surface of the valve plate of the butterfly valve is spherical, so that when sealing, the contact is quite smooth, especially the friction at the shaft seal is reduced.The life of the seat ring is greatly extended.

3. The metal embedded ring in the seat ring can automatically close the gap between the valve stem and seat ring when the valve stem tilts under the action of unbalanced force to eliminate the possibility of axial leakage.

Cosine curve

The COS curve sealing structure makes the valve plate have no increase of torque before airtight. When airtight, the valve plate and the seat ring are in contact at the same time on the circle of 360 degrees, so the friction is reduced, the torque is reduced, the life of the seat ring is prolonged, and the butterfly valve can keep zero leakage for a long time.At the same time, because of the reduction of friction, reduce the torque, can use a low-power driver, thus reducing the user's cost.

Ball machined disc

Valve plate is a complete the spherical and sealing surface of each part are part of the spherical surface, the valve plate and valve ring with the same spherical surface processing, small gap between, no friction, the disc rotate smoothly, even at the top of the upper and lower valve plate of axial sealing surface is not exceptional also, so that the sealing surface of in a sealed, although there is contact, is quite smooth, so reduces the torque, sealed performance is improved.

High Performance Linteflon Butterfly Valve

High-performance lining fluoride lung butterfly valve is a valve body cavity full lining fluoride of butterfly valve, widely used in food with who have requirement of electronic industry, biological medicine, all kinds of fluid flow and pressure control or switch control, as well as the field of chemical industry of strong acid, strong alkali, strong corrosive gas control, has a superior durability, good sealing performance, excellent corrosion resistance, can achieve zero leakage valve is closed.The maximum diameter is 600mm, the maximum working pressure is 10Kgf/cm2, and the maximum applicable temperature is 200℃.

Fully lined teflon disc and seat

All parts of the valve where fluid is in contact are lined with teflon, including the upper and lower ends of the stem, to prevent fluid from seeping along the stem.

Separate seal design

Seal ring design is independent of rubber and teflon, but complement each other to enhance the sealing performance, the use of rubber seals with elasticity, and reduce the amount of rubber, eliminating the possibility of rubber expansion due to temperature rise will be the valve plate in the closed position.

The new structure design improves the sealing performance

1. PFA with a thickness of more than 3mm can effectively prevent the penetration of various gases and has a strong corrosion resistance.

2, up and down the stuffing box with a strong spring, to overcome the temperature fluctuations on the seal.

Double eccentric seal butterfly valve

Double eccentric butterfly valve also known as high-performance butterfly valve, mainly suitable for water plant, power plant, steel smelting, chemical engineering, water source engineering, environmental facilities construction and other system drainage, especially suitable for the waterway pipeline, as a regulation and closure equipment.Compared with the center line butterfly valve, double eccentric butterfly valve is more resistant to high pressure, longer life, good stability.Compared with other valves, the larger the caliber, the lighter the material, the lower the cost.But due to the middle of the butterfly plate, flow resistance, so less than DN200 butterfly valve is not very significant.

Double eccentric design

Effective reduction of seat wear, can keep the valve long time safe seal and operation.After testing, the valve can be opened and closed for 700,000 times and still maintain zero leakage.

Double eccentric butterfly valve is further improved on the basis of single eccentric butterfly valve.Its structure characteristic is in the valve stem axis deviates not only the butterfly plate center, also deviates the body center.Double eccentric effect after the valve is opened the disc can be quickly away from the seat, greatly eliminate the disc and the valve seat of unnecessary excessive extrusion, scraping phenomenon, reduce the opening resistance, reduce wear, increase the life of the seat.The large reduction of the scratch, but also makes the double eccentric butterfly valve can also use metal seats, improve the butterfly valve in the high temperature field of application.

Reasonable design, compact structure, easy installation and disassembly, easy maintenance.

Adopt eccentric structure, reduce the friction of sealing ring, prolong the service life of valve.

Fully sealed with zero leakage.It can be used in ultra-high vacuum working conditions

Replace valve plate sealing ring, disc, rotating shaft and other materials, can be used in a variety of media and different temperatures

Tri-eccentric hard- sealed butterfly valve

The valve stem axis deviates from the disc center and the body center, and the valve seat rotation axis and the valve body channel axis have a certain Angle, known as the triple eccentric butterfly valve.