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Domestic valve VS inlet valve, how would you choose?
Release time:2020-6-12

Domestic valve VS inlet valve, how would you choose?As the saying goes, "The month is the home town of Ming Dynasty", but more and more people now advocate foreign imports.In industry, this air is slowly spreading.Say a common valve, the same material, the same function, import prices can hardly double.Imported valve products set a different tone in price, but even if expensive, Chinese people still tend to be like the others.

Is the inlet valve really that good?What is the difference between domestic and imported valves?How can we close these gaps?

The so-called imported goods refer to the original imported products, which are manufactured from R&D to production entirely at foreign origin and strictly comply with foreign standards; joint ventures, as the name implies, are projects jointly established by China and foreign investors and are assembled and executed domestically by providing technology, talent, brand, etc. from abroad.European and American standards; domestic products are products designed, manufactured and executed by themselves.

At present, valves have become one of the fastest growing industries in China's equipment manufacturing industry. The types of valves are increasing continuously, and the requirements for valve quality and technology are getting higher and higher in all industries.However, like most mechanical industries, the valve industry in China is also facing the bottleneck of late start and poor foundation.As the basis of manufacturing industry, valves are widely used in all industries. Therefore, the nationalization process of valves has always been a national concern.Thanks to years of efforts, great progress has been made in the localization of valves in China.For example, in the field of valves, great breakthroughs have been made in key valves of CNS valves in nuclear power plants, forged steel valves WB36 of millions of units with open high pressure valves have been successfully developed, large-bore flat gate valves of Chengdu ventilation valves and ball valves of Suzhou Newway valves have been successfully applied in pipelines of "West-East Gas Transmission"...In some demanding fields, R&D and industrialization of valves in China have performed well.Nevertheless, there is still a lack of trust in domestic valves when purchasing, especially in the high-end sector, where imports are more sought.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of domestic valves and import valves?Today, let's look at the following points.

product quality

There is no doubt that quality is the key factor for a user to choose a product.Valves are often operated in harsh environments and therefore their quality and service life are important.As the research on instrument valves started earlier abroad, it is more advanced in terms of processing equipment and R&D level than in China.However, in recent years, the quality of valves in China has also been greatly improved.In 1980s, China began to organize backbone enterprises to introduce advanced design, process and processing equipment of instrument valves from abroad. After decades of absorption and digestion, the manufacturing technology and quality of instrument valves in China have been greatly improved.

In the field of low-end valves, the quality of domestic valves is comparable to that of foreign valves.In the high-end valve field, China is also increasing R&D efforts, continue to invest funds, and has made a series of breakthroughs.

Price is the first consideration when choosing a product in addition to quality.When the import valve passes through the customs, customs duties, fire protection taxes, etc. should be added one after another, and the relatively low labor cost in China makes the production cost of domestic valves far lower than that of imported valves.It can be said that, with the same material and function, the price of imported valves is several times that of domestic valves.At the same time, fierce market competition makes enterprises strive to reduce production costs in order to increase market share.Domestic valves are more advantageous in cost performance.

After-sales service of valve products is a key link in marketing management, and users pay more and more attention to after-sales service.In this regard, domestic valves have a geographical advantage over imported valves.Most domestic valve enterprises have professional engineers, who can provide complete after-sales service under the guidance of the door.However, imported valves are difficult to achieve timely after-sales maintenance and replacement of products.

To tell you the truth, although the functions and materials are the same, there is a gap between domestic and imported valves.This is something our valve industry should consider carefully.First of all, in terms of material, even with the same material, imported valves should be more pure.Secondly, valves with the same function also have certain gaps in service effect and service life.This is because the production technology and process flow of imported valves have reached a relatively mature level, which is unmatched by some small domestic valve factories.

Progress can only be made if we recognize the gaps we have.We should overcome the difficulties in the valve manufacturing process, improve the inconsistent factors in the development, find the appropriate points for development and jointly promote the revitalization and improvement of the valve industry.Therefore, it is suggested that valve enterprises should turn challenges into opportunities, find their own position, focus on expanding domestic and international markets, and resolve the adverse effects of the crisis.The most critical thing for Chinese valve enterprises is to further improve product quality and technical content. Only by laying a solid foundation and unremitting exploration and innovation, can our valve brand be known overseas.

At the same time, the valve enterprise which has developed on a certain track can try to open up foreign markets.Market exploration is a process of continuous self-improvement and development, in fact, it is also a process of enterprise development and growth.At this stage, relevant enterprises should adopt the strategy of "two legs" approach according to actual conditions, pay attention to the development of international and domestic markets, and improve the core competitiveness of valve enterprises.In the near future, China's valve enterprises will be able to catch up with and surpass foreign valve enterprises of the same kind, make contribution to the nationalization of national major valve technology and equipment, and become a strong country in valve manufacturing in the world.