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The 12th Shanghai Chemical Equipment Launch Enables the Domestic Big Cycle of Chemical Industry
Release time:2020-8-28

On August 26, 2020, the annual International Chemical Equipment Conference -- CTEF 2020 12th Shanghai International Chemical Technology And Equipment Exhibition (HEREINAFTER referred to as "Shanghai Chemical Equipment Exhibition") opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center.
It is reported that there are more than 800 enterprises participating in this exhibition, with an exhibition area of about 50,000 square meters.


The resumption of work and production, domestic great circulation opportunities

For many years, the foreign trade of China's chemical industry has been in deficit, and the development of the industry mainly depends on the "great cycle" of the domestic economy.Taking the data of the first half of this year as an example, the business revenue of the whole industry was 5.07 trillion yuan from January to June, and the total export volume was 1012 yuan.Billion US dollars, exports accounted for only 13.8% of the industry's total revenue;The import volume reached us $204.27 billion, more than double the export volume.It can be seen that the economic growth of the chemical industry is mainly driven by the domestic "great cycle" market.


In terms of the chemical industry, chemical industry chain in China is also complete, the chemical industry has a good foundation in the domestic "" circulation, the chemical industry as a pillar industry of China economy, the country specific" gradually formed in the domestic large cycle as the main body, domestic and international dual cycle each other to promote the new development pattern of "the background, combined with 5 g, artificial intelligence, chip, new material industry development trend, the chemical industry opportunities, must comply to, positive adaptation.

Multi-exhibition linkage, the convergence of famous enterprises growth against the trend
The 20th China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition, the 12th Shanghai International Chemical Environmental Protection Exhibition, the 12th Shanghai International Petrochemical Pump, Valve and pump valve Pipeline Exhibition and other theme exhibitions will be held at the same time under the banner of the sponsor Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd. to share upstream and downstream resources and meet the one-stop procurement needs of enterprises.
Be worth what carry is, affected by the influence of pump valve production base of wenzhou pump valve industry in China foreign trade exports slumped, enterprises abroad exhibition was forced to cancel, in response to the unfavorable situation, the local government organized enterprise develop domestic market, and make the exhibition exhibition as the key support, longwan and yongjia county are organized dozens of enterprise groups at the exhibition, showing the brand image of "the countryside of Chinese pump valve".
From the scene, we learned that the unified corporate image of the group area left a deep impression on customers. Many enterprises gave feedback and the exhibition effect exceeded expectations. 

Big celebrities gather together to build an efficient communication platform
We know from the scene that more than 10 special conferences and forums have been held jointly with several organizations to discuss the hot issues in the industry.
For example, the 2020 International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology Conference, the third Chemical High concentration Wastewater In-depth Treatment and recycling Technology Seminar, 2020 New Materials and Chemical Equipment Technology Application Exchange Meeting, 2020 Chemical Equipment Procurement and Management Seminar, 2020
New technology and equipment and investment in gas industry of Shanghai international BBS, ECF2020 5th shale gas technology and equipment development special workshop, refining and chemical technology, machinery, materials and corrosion protection technology special project, explosion-proof certification and explosion-proof technology exchange meeting, Shanghai chemical industry association "fair trade" and "quality month" mobilization meeting and so on more than BBS meeting.
From the competent departments, research institutes, industry associations, media and other industry luminaries gathered, the atmosphere was warm, brilliant.

At the same time, in order to strengthen the docking between exhibitors and visitors with high efficiency, the organizing committee set up a special area of "procurement matchmaking meeting" in Pavilion E1 to facilitate the accurate cooperation between the supply and demand sides.
Representatives of enterprises attending the meeting said, "The matchmaking activities are very good. The sponsors have given us very high quality customers and good cooperation intentions. Thank the organizing committee for setting up a platform for business exchanges for us."
The crowds were strong, and the first-day crowd exceeded expectations
At 9 o 'clock on the morning of 26th, the audience channel was officially opened, and the flow of people in the registration hall rose sharply. The exhibition atmosphere became hot gradually.
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By 4pm on The 26th, the number of spectators has exceeded 10,000 according to the statistics of the organizing committee, greatly exceeding the organizer's expectation.
According to random interviews, many exhibitors also participated in offline exhibitions for the first time after the outbreak of the epidemic. They thought that people would not come to the exhibition because of the epidemic, but the popularity of the exhibition grew unexpectedly.
"Maybe people have been holding back for too long and it's time for them to come out and exchange their feelings. They are willing to come and see what new products are on the market," said a representative of the exhibitor.