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Wenzhou Yongjia to build a modern manufacturing industry cluster of 100 billion
Release time:2020-10-23

China's valve industry first draft new international standards ISO 22153:2020 "the general requirements of industrial valve electric actuator has officially promulgated, the standard shall be presided over by Chinese hefei general machinery research institute co., LTD, and revising my county unit also participate in the standard formulation work, this also is the 2019 world youth will always fine pump valve industry technology since the series of activities to carry out docking, realize own my county pump valve industry transformation and upgrading, promote scientific and technological innovation ability, heighten the advantage of" made in zhejiang "always fine another achievement.

Boost the transformation and development of pump and valve industry

At the 2019 world youth will always fine pump valve industry docking technology conference, my county distinguished wei-jie, Li Dake, Xu Shaoning 13 professors for the pump valve industry innovation drive power engineering corps experts, they is always fine for one pump valve industry development of zhenhai, improve the transformation and upgrading of the pump valve industry and for realization of "made in zhejiang" always fine contribution wisdom and strength.
In recent years, Yongjia pump and valve enterprises have actively participated in standardization activities at all levels. According to incomplete statistics, a total of 57 national standards, 106 industrial standards, 2 local standards and 10 group standards have been made in Zhejiang province.

Promote system process equipment innovation

In the in-depth discussion and communication among top experts and talents in the field of manufacturing, the series of activities of the industrial technology docking of yongjia Pump and valve in the world Youth Science and Technology Conference have brought new ideas, broadened new horizons and expanded new fields to the development of the industry in our county, and set off a new development upsurge.

"The second phase of the project has been finished by the end of 2019, a new laboratory this year, is planning to sinopec, hefei general environment control technology co., LTD and other cooperation development of gas flow and high pressure gas, high and low temperature, small flow valves, such as intelligent large-caliber valve pressure test device, enterprises are in urgent need of detection of the high-end new experiment device, to create domestic and even the world's leading state quality inspection center."

Wenzhou system in charge of process equipment research institute said that this year is focusing on strengthening national quality inspection center valve (province) pump valve quality inspection center construction toys and provincial education center construction, in the first half of the industry association and the cage by research visits, strange music, yucai leading enterprise, national center for construction planning is discussed, and solutions for the construction of the country to teach the toy quality inspection center toys general testing instrument is developed, furniture general testing instrument, rides the general testing instrument and other equipment.

In the comprehensive construction in process equipment industry innovation service system always fine, which perfect the complex integration of physical space, built the complex exhibition hall, the introduction of zhejiang PuHuiZhi made technology co., LTD., etc., realized the integration of innovative service body to ascend, and through the implementation of standardized "+", to strengthen the standard lead, lead the organization during the first half of the training group, strange music group taught toy companies such as formulating national standards for small amusement facilities, swivel chair,
We organized Newtown Fluid to formulate the "bellows sealed steel globe valve", Zhejiang Xinhai Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to formulate the "Y-type Filter", "Ball valve Ball", And Yucai Group to formulate the "Children's Desk and chair" and other Zhejiang manufacturing standards.

Wenzhou system in charge of process equipment research institute said that under the green branch will actively lead, the next step will continue to stick to "5311" major industry strategic target, based on the polymerization, focusing on science and technology innovation resources platform, promote industry enhance cohesion, to strengthen the "three center" the examination platform construction, intelligent laboratory construction, industrial complex construction, to build always fine billions of modern manufacturing industry cluster platform support, make contributions to high-quality development theme practical activities.